THE COUNSELOR won the Stan Lee Foundation creative invite on talenthouse!


Well, I guess, this has to be my first post in English on this blog…

So, after a short night of sleep, I still can´t believe what just happened! My submission THE COUNSELOR was chosen as the winner of the Stan Lee Foundation and Todd McFarlane creative invite on!!

I was already blown away when it was selected being finalist! And now it´s even greater :)

What will happen now? I don´t know. All I know is, that I am thrilled and very curious about what´s coming next.

I received loads of good wishes from all over the world on Facebook and talenthouse. Thanks to all of you who wrote!

However, there were also some, let´s say, “intense dislikes”. I guess, that´s how it goes. I´ve never been in a situation like that before, so I have no experience. But I think this is the right moment to tell a little more, how I came to take part in the creative invite and how I got the idea for The Counselor.

Several weeks ago I learned about this creative invite on talenthouse. It was clear for me, that I wanted to take part in it. I mean, when I read what the prices were, how could I let such a chance of a lifetime pass by!?

So I started trying to understand what would be a suitable character for this contest. Well, I have my own superhero character, that I´m working on for more than 5 years now. But DER ENGEL (the angel) is more a kind of lonely avenger in the city of Berlin 20 years in the future. He fights from a personal motivation, and his methods are quite bloody sometimes.

That was not the kind of superhero suitable, I thought.

I mean, look at these facts: The Stan Lee Foundation stands for bringing education to all people in need! No matter what ethnic race or social level. It wants to help developing people by educating them. Just take a look at the Stan Lee Foundation Website!

And then take a look at the price for winning this contest. The winning design is supposed to be an action figure or statue, which will be given to special donators of the Foundation. So I thought it should be a character, that the Stan Lee Foundation wants to be connected with. A character that symbolizes their goals.

Then take another look on the Stan Lee Foundation Website. Look at the photos there. People, mostly children, with books. Comic books and others. So my next thought was, that it should also be a character, that children can connect with. So no fierce costume or huge armors. No special superpower to hurt or kill anyone. But what does the Stan Lee Foundation say? Knowledge is power!

After that, everything else more or less happened by itself :)

I went running, as I always do to get my head clear and think deeper about things. When I came home I wrote down the description of The Counselor, just as you can read it on the voting page. After that I began drawing and painting, and it was done.

You know the rest of the story.

I just want to thank Todd McFarlane and Stan Lee for picking my submission as the winner! And I want to thank the whole Talenthouse team for setting up such a great creative invite! And finally many thanks to all, who supported me and my submission through the past weeks!!

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