That was the KAPOW! Comic Con

One week ago I entered the halls of the first KAPOW! Comic Con held in London, England.

It was a great experience! A lot of stars to see, interesting panels to visit and quite a few cool things to discover from the English independent comic scene.

The Con had a quite familiar atmosphere, being located in the Business Design Center in Islington. Still, there was a lot of stuff to see and interesting people to talk to. The artists alley was small, but had big names in it, like Doug Braithwaite and Brian Bolland.

My personal highlights were the Millarworld panel, where Mark Millar and a few stunning artists, such as John Romita Jr. and Dave Gibbons talked about their upcoming projects. And the signature I got from Dave Gibbons in my copy of Watchmen.

Next year I´ll try to go there again. So see you there!

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