Past myths, present legends… and what about fairytales?

A couple of events, that just recently happened, made me think of the phrase, which I put in the title of this post.

First one was the theme of a so called “blog carnival”, that I came across. The title is “past myths, present legends”.

Second one was the request by a German TV station to interview and film me, while working on my comics. The theme of the show they want to interview me for is “fairytales”.

So this made me think a bit about what I am doing day by day, when sitting on my drawing desk. I realized, that my whole work is around these themes.

Apart from the fact, that I love drawing as such, I realized, that I only want to draw these kind of things: myths, legends, fairytales. That is what excites me.

So my main work is around super heroes from the present, the past or the future, because for me they are the myths, legends and fairytales of today.

My current projects fit perfectly into these themes. So just let me show you what I mean, by showing you the art.

Here are my heroes from the past, taken from my current comic project SACHSWULF, which is located in the 7th century in southern Germany, and deals with a lot of heroism, mythical stuff and lots of fantasy components:

This is my hero from the present: THE COUNSELOR. He is a very mythical person. His past sounds like a legend. More will be revealed in the upcoming comics.

And my hero from the future. This is THE ANGEL. He is the modern myth in the city of Berlin in the year 2029.

So that is, what my work is all about at the moment: myths, legens, fairytales and… heroes.

Hope you enjoyed it. I certainly do :)

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